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Abacus Computing: About us

Abacus Computing offers services in the field of modern information technologies and solutions. Our staff boast many years of experience, top professional competence and top quality services.

Always assuming full responsibility for the jobs we take on, we make a point of:

  • never forgetting our customers' first priorities: achieving increased productivity and getting a quick return of their IT investments;

  • doing a detailed analysis of our customers' needs;

  • never entering into a contract unless we can guarantee full achievement of the goals set;

  • providing an intensive knowledge transfer;

  • saving our customers' time and money by reducing the IT project finalization time as much as possible;

  • making sure that our customers can operate independently of our help once the project is completed;

  • not discriminating between our customers on any grounds;

  • has excellent customer relations, and

thus, never fail to meet our customers' requirements.

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