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Abacus Computing: LAN and WAN Networking

Building network and telecommunication infrastructure, from small office networks to most advanced ones always represents a complex task. Well designed and solid built network will save a lot of money and resources and enable your business to grow in accordance with your needs.

The introduction of modern information and communication technologies can highlight problems within your existing network infrastructure. Poor network performance will not allow you to gain the full benefit of your development. Traffic flooding network devices, unnecessary network traffic due to incorrect configuration of protocols, Internet usage not being routed properly and similar problems indicate the network weaknesses and disable delivering mission critical network services. If your company needs to implement a new network or to improve an existing one, the starting point must be a comprehensive analysis of your company's existing network infrastructure. This makes possible to design and implement a solution that aligns your company's networking infrastructure with your business needs and goals.

We design the network infrastructure, implement and configure the necessary network, communications and server hardware and integrate them all together to seamlessly connect all aspects of data communications in your company. Later, we maintain the infrastructure on an ongoing, pro-active basis to ensure the reliability and efficiency of data communications.

We design and implement wired (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit) and wireless LANs and interconnect them to other local networks as well as to wide area networks and the Internet. We are capable of designing and implementing of extensive VPN, E1, fractional services, Frame Relay, ISDN (PRI and BRI) and analog wide area connections to close remote as well as long distance remote facilities.

The main thing we have on mind here is that a good network design and implementation must provide: reliability, performance, security, scalability and management of implemented system.

Abacus Computing is a high specialized company in the jobs of designing, planning and deploying computer networks infrastructure and has strong references with a number of customer companies. For more information about our services regarding networking infrastructure, send an e-mail to info@abacus.co.me.


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