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Abacus Computing: Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory
is the integrated, distributed directory service that is included with Microsoft Windows Server family of products. Integrated with Active Directory are many of the applications and services that previously required a separate, distinct directory and userid/password to be managed for each application or service. With Active Directory, the administrator of the organization can add a user to Active Directory and through that single entry enable remote access to the network, enable the same user account for Exchange messaging, that same user for database access for accounting, client relationship management, or other applications. Not only is it possible to use Active Directory as a multi-purpose directory in this fashion but by doing so a company enables single sign-on for its users for all supported applications and services.

By creating a link between user accounts, mailbox accounts, and applications, Active Directory simplifies the task of adding, modifying, and deleting user accounts. When an employee gets married and changes their name, a single change in Active Directory can change the user information for all applications and services. When a user changes their password in Active Directory, they do not have to remember different passwords for their other applications. When a group of users is created such as the “sales group,” users can e-mail the group to send a message to all users, administrators can allow security access to resources based on the group name, and users can look-up members of a group by expanding the group information. This is just one example of how Active Directory simplified many administrative tasks and processes that, in the past, involved disparate applications, servers, and services.

Main advantages of Active Directory for an organization are:

  • Increasing the productivity of users

  • Reducing the burden of IT administration

  • Improving fault tolerance to minimize downtime

  • Enhancing security to provide better peace of mind

  • Leveraging the capabilities of Active Directory-enabled applications

Abacus Computing is a highly specialized company in the jobs of designing, planning and deploying Active Directory directory service and has strong references with a number of customer companies. Contact us on info@abacus.co.me for more information.


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