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Abacus Computing: Network video systems

Traditional analog CCTV installations operate on a point-to-point mode, requiring dedicated cabling from each camera. Viewing can only be done from proprietary hardware connected to the system. Unlike an analog system, which requires all that single-purpose or dedicated cabling to join devices point-to-point, network video systems utilize a normal, wired or wireless, IP-based network for transmitting and distributing video, thus eliminating the need for expensive dedicated cable installation.

With a networked installation, video can normally be viewed from any desktop or mobile computer connected to the local network, as well as remotely from around the world, over Internet, using advanced features, like DDNS. Access to the video information is controlled through user names and passwords, rather than restricting physical access to a monitor and/or operator keyboard.

Unlike most analog systems, a network video system can be expanded without the need for major rework or replacing various system components.

A network camera itself may be more expensive when compared to an equivalent analog camera. But an detailed analysis of the total system investment is favourable to a digital video solution. Network video can leverage investments in the existing computer structure, network, and monitors. Installation costs are generally cheaper given that network cabling is cheaper than coax cabling. In addition, on-going maintenance costs are reduced by eliminating tapes and the need for VCR replacement and repair. When all these operation and maintenance factors are taken into consideration, the cost analysis is more beneficial for the digital solution, especially when recording of video is required.

Depending on certain models, these cameras include wireless connections, motion detection, night vision, variable lens, as well as indoor/outdoor usability. For detailed information on network video systems, contact us on info@abacus.co.me.


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