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Abacus Computing: Products and solutions

Following solutions may be of special interest for your company:

  • Managing and security of computer networks: Microsoft Active Directory

    As a central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. Although many organizations have completed their Microsoft Active Directory deployment, there remain organizations that have either not completed deployment or have yet to take advantage of some of the important features of Active Directory. On the other hand, a lot of organizations have not implemented Active Directory services yet, due to unclear vision of benefits their deployment brings with it.

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  • Computer networks and communications: LAN and WAN networking

    The network is a vital element of today's business infrastructure. Planning, designing, developing, deploying, and managing infrastructure and network systems present many challenges, especially when guided by requirements of harsh operating environments, stringent security concerns, or above-average performance, availability and reliability.

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  • Legal usage of software: Microsoft products licensing

    A software license is a type of proprietary or gratuitous license as well as a memorandum of contract between a producer and a user of computer software that specifies the perimeters of the permission granted by the owner to the user. Microsoft licenses software three primary ways: Full Packaged Product, Original Equipment Manufacturer, and Volume Licensing.

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  • Networking: Cisco Partnership

    Abacus Computing has completed a very focused effort to increase the level of Cisco sales and support capabilities within its organization and have met the rigorous Cisco certified personnel levels required by an SMB Select Partner partnership level. This helps ensure that this company's sales and support organizations are better staffed and more capable of properly selling, designing, installing, and supporting these products.

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  • F-Secure products and solutions

    F-Secure Corporation protects individuals and businesses against computer viruses and other threats spreading through the Internet and mobile networks. Award-winning F-Secure products include antivirus, network encryption, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention, anti-spam and parental control. Key strength of F-Secure is the speed of response to new threats. Businesses can benefit from the centralized management of F-Secure solutions, as well as from volume licensing opportunities.

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  • Information security foundations: IT security policies

    Information security policies are documents that explain how to implement IT security in an organization. Information Security Policies are the cornerstone of Information Security effectiveness. Without a policy upon which to base standards and procedures, decisions are likely to be inconsistent and security holes will be present - ready to be exploited by both internal and external persons alike. 

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  • IP surveillance solutions: Network video systems

    Instead of dedicated point-to-point cabling, traditionally used in analog video systems, modern network video systems utilize standard LAN/MAN/WAN/Internet as the backbone for transporting information. Many businesses already use their computer networks for many functions in addition to data transfer. Network video technology utilizes and extends this standard and flexible infrastructure for local and remote video monitoring. 

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