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Abacus Computing: Security Policies

Information Security Policies are most often implemented in one of two ways: either internally in organizations which have dedicated and highly specialized IT and Security staff, or where the organization has invested a substantial sum in consultants who, over a period of time, will have created and delivered a range of policies for management to implement.

A corporate security policy is the gateway to a company’s intellectual property. In today’s world of information technology, the main threat to information security within a company is its employees. Employees are behind the firewall; furthermore, they have a username and password on the network. Therefore, a security policy should be designed to explicitly list out the dos and don’ts in your network. A security policy should serve as the company’s constitution that governs how employees use the network and take care of both internal and external security issues. It should be well planned and periodically updated in order to reflect your company’s ever-changing challenges and the continuous evolution in the world of technology.

In writing a policy there are certain aspects of network security that should be taken into consideration. These tasks involve identifying your assets, risk assessment, management of access to information, data backup and restoration, incident handling, implementation and maintenance.

Abacus Computing is a highly specialized company in information security field and can help you to create and implement security policies documents for your organization. Contact us for detailed information.


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