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In the world of IT companies, Abacus Computing features as a highly specialized company with a wide range and variety of services offered.

Quality solutions do have a significant initial cost but in the long term they bring their users great benefits and that is why both large and small, but successful companies make large investments in their implementation. Our customers being mainly the companies and organizations which implement complex information systems and solutions with a view to enhancing their productivity in the shortest possible time and with the smallest possible investment, we are primarily interested in making either short or long-term contracts for the services we provide:

  • Short-term contracts are made when an intensive knowledge transfer is required. This is usually the case when a company opts to get help from outside in order to save the time (and money) its staff would need to perform a piece of work which requires highly specialized IT skills/knowledge. Typical jobs done within the framework of short-term contracts are various consulting services connected with complex IT solutions design, planning, implementation and deployment.

  • Long-term contracts are made with the companies which do not have permanent employees experts for the job we are contracted to do. Typical jobs done within the framework of long-term contracts are systems administration, management and maintenance, and implementation of information security measures.

Areas of specialization Technologies Products
LAN & WAN architecture LAN/WAN hardware Microsoft Windows Server
Managing of computer networks Directory services Microsoft Exchange
Administration of network resources Network services Microsoft Lync
VPN networking Web services Microsoft Forefront
Information security Unified communications Servers and network equipment
Network security Messaging services F-Secure antivirus software
  Antivirus solutions F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway

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